Dynamic Text Fields

Text Fields are used to add dynamic text presets to the publication that can give additional information and context, like the page number, publication title, or date. They can also be used to add a dynamic table of contents, which can help you navigate the presentation in runtime.

  • Change text field fonts from the Text ribbon, ensuring that the relevant text field is selected

  • When the publication is rendered, the text fields will appear on each page (e.g. Page 1, Page 2, etc.)

Text Field Types

Access the text fields from Publication ribbon.

The text fields available are:

Today: today's date.

Created On: the date on which the publication was created.

Created By: the name of the user who created the publication.

Modified On: the date the publication was last modified.

Modified By: the user who last modified the publication.

Publication Title: the title by which the publication was saved.

Description: the description added to the publication when it was saved.

Page Number: the page number.

Table of Contents: add a table of contents to the current page.

Total Pages: the total number of pages in the publication.

Add Text Fields

To add text fields, click the Text Fields button from the Toolbox; from the fly-out menu select the required text field.

Left click the location on the canvas where the field should be placed; it will appear within a text box.

When the publication is rendered, the text field tag will be replaced by the relevant dynamic text. For example, the text field '#PageNumber' will show the actual numeric page number.