Access Scheduled Publications

Users can access distributed publication from the bulletin board, home page, and content explorer.

This topic does not cover publishing and distribution. To learn how to schedule and distribute a publication, click here.

Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board displays a summary of your unread publications and scheduled models. Click here to learn about the Bulletin Board.

Home Page

The Publications Feed is displayed on the application home page:

Content Explorer

An item's publications can be accessed via its Actions Panel in the Content Explorer. From the Actions Panel, click the Scheduling icon:

Click the New Schedule icon to create a new publication schedule. In the Actions column, stop or start a schedule, edit a schedule, or delete a schedule:

Click on a schedule to open its Job Executions summary. Under Actions, click the ReRun icon to rerun the job:

Click the Expand icon (+) to download the publication, or open its Print and Export Summary: