Enable link-back to allow publication recipients to open the live visualizations the Pyramid viewer client, where they can interact with them dynamically.

The Link-back feature enables direct URL loading for data visualizations in exported publications. When Link-back is enabled, the user can click on any data visualization in the exported publication in order to load it in the Pyramid viewer client. Any slicers or filters saved to the discovery (both from Discover and from Publish) will automatically be loaded via external parameterization.

Accessing Live Content via Link-Back

From the exported publication click any data visualization to open it in the viewer client. Link-back functionality is accessible to all users, including Basic users who are given access to embedded content items only.

From the viewer client, users can perform the following tasks:

  • Click back to go back to the exported publication.
  • Apply slicer selections from any slicers that were saved to the discovery.
  • Subscribe to the discovery.
  • Print and export the discovery.
  • Interact with the discovery via the context menus.

How to Configure Link-Back

It can be enabled from the Publication Schedule, the Print & Export dialog, and the Subscriptions dialog. Link-back is supported for publications exported to the following formats:

  • PDF
  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • Excel
  • HTML

Publication Schedules

Enable link-bank from the Output Settings window (red highlight below) of the Publication Scheduler in Publish or the Content Manager.

Export Publications

Enable link-bank from the Print and Export dialog (red highlight below):

Publication Subscriptions

Enable link-bank from the Output tab of the Subscription dialog in Publish (red highlight below) or the Content Manager.