Unlink Content

By default, when visuals that have been added to publications are edited in Discover, their corresponding visuals are edited accordingly in Present.

Users have the option to unlink content in Publish, so that this content can be edited and formatted without affecting the original visual in Discover, and vice versa.

This means users can:

  • Overwrite the themes and formatting applied to the visual from Discover, without affecting the original instance.
  • Edit the original content item without affecting publications and presentations that have already been built using that content.

How to Unlink Content

Unlink All

Unlink all content items currently in the presentation. Go to the Publication ribbon and click Unlink All.


Unlink a single selected content item using the Unlink button. Select the relevant visual, then go to the Component ribbon and click Unlink.

When the original visualization in Discover is edited, the unlinked visual in the report will not be affected.

Unlink Slicer

If you add a Slicer to your Publication from a Discovery, you can unlink that slicer from its source in order to add or remove elements without affecting the Discovery. For more information, see the Editing Slicer Elements step in the topic Publication Slicers and Interactions.

Formatting Unlinked Content

The formatting panel in Present allows you to make formatting changes to content that has been unlinked. If the selected content item has not been unlinked, the Formatting panel will display the following message: "To format styles select a one-off report." This means that you need to unlink the item to be able to change its formatting.

Once the content item has been unlinked, the Formatting panel (when expanded) will display the item's formatting options. Any formatting changes will be applied only to the selected unlinked item; other instances of the item (the original instance in Discover, or other instances in Publish or Present) will not be affected.

  • Click here to review the options available from the Formatting panel.