Blending Queries

Tabulate is ideally suited for users wanting to blend data by displaying data from multiple sources, using the resultant data to perform further manipulations. With the flexibility of a spreadsheet application (like Excel), you can build models on data that can change dynamically.

Data Governance

Data Governance is provided by ensuring data is constantly sourced from live secure queries, and access is controlled using rigorous user, role, and profile security. By using careful reporting strategies you can also ensure the right data is provided to the right people at the right time, using a single version of the truth.

Data Sources

Dynamic data

Data can be accessed and refreshed in realtime from multiple sources:

  • By dragging and dropping Discoveries from the content panel - this enables the data in Tabulate to be refreshed in real time
  • By adding Multiple Data Sources to the Tabulate Worksheet and inserting the data into the worksheet using Pyramid's built-in functions - this enables the data in Tabulate to be refreshed in real time

Static Data

Data can also be imported or input, but remain static once they have been retrieved

  • By importing from spreadsheets (like Excel)
  • By manually copying or inputting data into the worksheet

Data Manipulation

Data can be manipulated by using formulas to perform calculations on existing data, resulting in new data. This data will change dynamically as the underlying data used in the formulas change.

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