Content Explorer

The Content Explorer is the master content view for managing content in the pro client content system. It delivers a folder and item interface similar to the Windows Explorer tool - allowing users to organize and manage their content and folders. The Explorer is just one of the ways of viewing content in the content manager toolset - however, it has the richest functionality.

Explorer Workspace

The 4th icon in the content manager takes users into the "explorer" view (yellow highlight below).

Item listing

The item listing is visible in every content view, not just the explorer. This shows a listing of items that match the selections, search, filters etc. The listing contains files of all of the content types available to the Viewer user (Discover, Present, and Publish). In the explorer view, it will also contain sub-folders, which are contained within the selected parent folder.


  • My Content: a personal domain of content accessible only to that user.
  • Workgroup: this is a shared workspace for users that belong to the same security role as you. Content creators save content to the Workgroup folder when they want to share that content with all users who belong to a certain security role.
  • Public: this is another shared workspace, but unlike the Workgroup folder, here content creators can set security permissions per folder and per content item.

Top Navigation Bar

The top navigation bar, which can be seen in various forms across most content views, it is comprised of 3 sections in the explorer view: View switches (purple highlight above); Folder navigation bar (green highlight above); and quick search (blue highlight above).


Item Display
  • Details View: The detail list shows a grid-like display of content items with various details.
  • Content View: This is similar to the detail list but shows small thumbnails of the items.
  • Tiles View: This shows all the content items with large tiles and thumbnails.
Other Functions
  • Add Folder: This add a new sub-folder to the currently selected folder.
  • Content Type Filter: This button lets the user filter the types of items in a given view that will be shown in the list.

Folder Navigation Bar and Breadcrumbs

From the folder navigation bar users can see the current folder's "breadcrumbs" to better understand where they are in the folder tree. The bar allows users to click on a specific segment of the breadcrumbs to instantly jump to a different parent folder in the tree.

Next to the bar are 3 arrow buttons (on the far left) letting using navigate easily.

  • Back and Forward buttons: These buttons act like undo and redo, allowing users to go back and forward to previously selected folders.
  • Up button: This button allows the user to simply go up the folder tree structure to the current folder's parent folder.

Quick Search

Quick search (blue box above) lets the user search for items by their name or description WITHIN THE CONTEXT of the current selection. In the explorer view, this means within the current folder and its sub-folders.