Slicers are used to filter data visualizations in data discoveries and presentations. If a content item contains a slicer, you can select value from it in order to filter the visual(s) driven by it. The selected slice(s) will be displayed in the breadcrumb trial of the affected visual(s).

Enable and Disable Slicers

Slicers may be enabled or disabled by toggling the its funnel icon; when enabled, the visual is filtered according to the currently selected slice. When disabled, the slicer does not affect the visual.


The breadcrumbs trail will display all filters currently applied to the visual.

Hidden Slicers

Depending on the design choices of the presentation author, slicers may appear on the presentation canvas, or they may be 'hidden.' Hidden slicers are often used to connect a slicer with multiple visuals and dynamic assets (text and infographics) across different slides. They can be accessed from the Presentation Menu.

Cross-Filtering Presentation Visuals

A presentation author may choose to create cross-filtering for visuals. This allows you to apply a data point from one visual as a filter to other visuals. If this option has been configured on a visualization, you'll see the Interact function at the top of the context menu when you right-click on a data point in the relevant visual(s).

Single Data Point Selection

To cross-filter by a single data point, right click on the data point that should act as a filter; click Interact from the context menu. The visual(s) configured to interact together will be filtered accordingly.

Multi-Data Point Selection

If cross-filtering by multiple data points was enabled by the presentation author, click the Lasso Selection Tool. Then drag-select the data points that should act as a filter and right click on the selection; click Interact from the context menu. The visual(s) configured to interact together will be by the chosen data points.

Remove Interact Filters

To remove cross-filtering, click anyway on one of the cross-filtered visuals. Alternatively, use the undo and reset buttons.