Subscriptions Board

The Subscription board displays a list of discoveries and presentations that have been rendered and specifically earmarked for the current user. The user can be sent subscription content based on role security or by explicit user name, according to the preferences of the user who configured the distribution aspects of the subscription's schedule.

Subscription List

By default, the board displays ALL unread subscriptions. Use the filter drop downs (purple box) to change the filters driving the listing of items.

The listing shows:

  • Checkbox: select checkboxes to simultaneously mark multiple items as read, or delete them.
  • Actions: download the publication output, delete the publication listing, or go to the location of the underling publication in the content explorer.
  • Flag - click the button to flag the item. Flagging provides a technique for quickly finding items of interest in future using filters.
  • Type: The type of content rendered (PDF, Word etc).
  • Schedule Name: the name of the schedule that generated the content.
  • Source: The name of the discovery or presentation file that was used in the schedule.
  • Author: The name of the user that created the subscription template.
  • Run Time: the date the subscription was run.

Macro Functions

Selecting one or more rows, the user can perform several "bulk" functions to one or more items at a time (green highlight above):

  • Download - this will pull all the selected files as a zipped archive for download.
  • Mark as Read - this will deselect the item as "read" so they do not appear in the default listing in the future.
  • Flag - this will mark all the highlighted items as "flagged" for quickly finding all items of interest in the future using the filters
  • Delete - this will remove all selected items from the user's list. This is only a soft delete and does not delete the content for other users.
  • Mark All as Read: mark all currently listed items as "read".


Use the time and type drop downs to filter the subscriptions list. For instance, you may be looking for an item you flagged a few days ago; you can search flagged items from this week.


Click the Refresh button (yellow arrow) to refresh your subscriptions list.