Custom Visual APIs 1.0

The Custom Visual API library 1.0 is divided into several sections, which will help the custom visual developer integrate with Pyramid infrastructure, and to draw the custom visual easily.

Note: All new visualization projects should use the version 2.0 APIs.


deps: the deps section is a reference to built-in 3rd party libraries that may help the developer building the custom visual. A full list of the libraries may found here.

style: the style section contains a reference to some visual style definitions. The value of the current style definition is determined by the current theme in use, as well as the overridden values that may come from the ribbon and dialogs.

size: the size section contains information about the current container size.

interaction: the interaction section contains actions to control the visual interactivity, such as context menu, selection, and tooltip.

text: the text section contains some utility functions to assist the developer in writing text with the custom visual.

data: the data section contains actions that expose the query result to the custom visual.