Authenticate User with OpenID Authentication

{ authenticateUserOPENIDAlt }

Generates a Pyramid access authentication token using OpenID authentication parameter map and custom data


  • API Section: /API2/auth
  • API Version: 2.0
  • From Release: 2020.23
  • Can be used by all user types
  • REST API only via POST actions.
  • Input Parameters



    Object Type


    The user credentials for authentication by OpenID parameter map.

    Output Response

    Successful Result Code


    Response Type


    Description of Response Type

    The response is the security token as a base64 string. It is usually stored in a cookie.


    The security token is a string that needs to be embedded in every API call to ensure the API calls are authorized. If saved as a cookie in a web browser, it can be used (for the authenticated user) to auto-login into the application. The assumption is that the user has already authenticated via OpenID before attempting to authenticate into Pyramid.