Change an Item's Data Source

{ changeDataSource }

Changes the content items' data source (materialized model)



  • API Section: /API2/dataSources
  • API Version: 2.0
  • From Release: 2018.5
  • Method operates via POST actions only.
  • Input Parameters



    Object Type


    The data source changer settings object.

    Output Response

    Successful Result Code


    Response Type

    Description of Response Type

    Generic API response object with success or failure flag and related messages.


    The API data source changes does not allow for 'fixing' issues. It assumes a clean change.It is recommended that this API would not get executed in parallel.

    Content Operations (JavaScript):

    This example demonstrates how to manage content items in Pyramid.

    The example uses API authentication driven from JavaScript. See Authentication APIs for alternatives.

    // URL of the Pyramid installation and the path to the API 2.0 REST methods
    var pyramidURL = "";
    // step 1: authenticate admin account and get token
    // NOTE: callApi method is a generic REST method shown below.
    let token = callApi("auth/authenticateUser",{
    log("got token "+token);
    //step 2: get the default tenant ID
    let defaultTenant=callApi("access/getDefaultTenant",{
    	"auth": token // admin token generated above
    //step 3: return the ID of the public root folder for the tenant from step 2
    let tenentPublicFolder = callApi("content/getPublicOrGroupFolderByTenantId",{
    	"folderTenantObject": {
    		"validRootFolderType": 1,//the public folder of the default tenant
    		"tenantId": defaultTenant
    	"auth": token //admin token generated from step 1 above
    //step 4: add a new folder to the public folder from step 3
    let folderCreation = callApi("content/createNewFolder",{
    	"folderTenantObject": {
    		"folderName": "new folder"
    	"auth": token
    let folderId=folderCreation.modifiedList[0].id;
    //step 5: find roles
    let findRole = callApi("access/getRolesByName",{
    	"data": {
    		"searchValue": "role1",
    		"searchMatchType": 2//SearchMatchType.Equals
    	"auth": token
    log("found role with id= "+ roleId);
    //step 6:add the role we found in step 5 to the folder we created (folderId) in step 4
    let addRoleToFolder= callApi("content/addRoleToItem",{
    	"roleToItemApiData": {
    		"itemId": folderId,
    		"roleId": roleId//SearchMatchType.Equals
    	"auth": token
    //step 7: read in a Pyramid Import/Export ('PIE') file
    let file="";
    let pieFile=readPieFile(file);
    //step 8: import the PIT file into the folder from step 4
    let importContent = callApi("content/importContent",{
    	"pieApiObject": {
    		"rootFolderId": folderId, //from step 4
    		"fileZippedData": pieFile, //the file's content from step 7
    		"clashDefaultOption":1,//ClashDefaultOption.REPLACE_FILE like default
    		"rolesAssignmentType":3//RoleAssignmentType.ForceParentFolderRoles take roles from parent folder
    	"auth": token
    let itemId=Object.keys(importContent.importDscMap)[0];
    //step 9: optional, search for the item we just imported, it's id is itemId
    let findContentItem = callApi("content/findContentItem",{
    	"auth": token
    //step 10: check if you need to run datasource changer 
    // (since the datasource that created this report dosen't exists on this server)
    	step 10A: get item's data source connection
    	let correntConnectionStringId=importContent.importDscMap[itemId][0]
    	//step 10B: run the data source changer on the items
    	let changedDatasource = callApi("dataSources/changeDataSource",{
    			"toConnId":"55ff277a-53ff-4c39-8f15-5651f1026a2d",//retrive this id using 'getAllConnectionStrings'
    		"auth": token
    //step 11: copying the imported item to the tenant root folder
    let copyItems = callApi("content/copyItems",{
    	"auth": token
    //step 12: remove roles from the folder but not from the item
    let removeRoleFromCreatedFolder= callApi("content/removeRolesFromItem",{
    	"rolesInItemRemovalObject": {
    		"itemId": folderId,
    		"roleIds": [roleId]
    	"auth": token
    //step 13: hard delete the folder (permanently)
    let folderDeletion = callApi("content/purgeContentItems",{
    	"auth": token
    //step 14: soft-delete the items
    let itemSoftDeletion = callApi("content/softDeleteContentItems",{
    	"auth": token
    function log(msg){
    function callApi(path,data,parseResult=true){
    	var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();"POST", pyramidURL+path, false);
    		return JSON.parse(xhttp.responseText);
    		return xhttp.responseText;
    //example function to read in the contents of a 'PIE' file that contains
    //exported Pyramid content.
    function readPieFile(file){
    	var rawFile = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET", file, false);
    	rawFile.onreadystatechange = function () {
    		if (request.readyState === 4 && request.status === 200) {
    			return request.responseText;