Updates a model's process date

{ updateModelProcessDate }

Updates the 'last process date' for a selected semantic/data model.


  • API Section: /API2/dataSources
  • API Version: 2.0
  • From Release: 2023.00
  • Can be used by Enterprise Admin users only
  • REST API only via POST actions.
  • Input Parameters



    Object Type


    The connection string id and the new model process date to be updated.

    Output Response

    Successful Result Code


    Response Type

    Description of Response Type

    The result from updating a model's process date


    Use this method to update last process date for any semantic model in the system - external (e.e SAP BW, MS OLAP) or internal Pyramid model. Use this capability in conjunction with 'on demand' schedules - to trigger executions of all related item schedules that are contingent on an updated process data for a model.