Pyramid has numerous extensibility options in the platform.


The application can be embedded in another hosting application using raw JavaScript code or via a JavaScript API. The embedding can be done as injectable code (fastest, lightest and preferred) or via Iframes.

Direct Load

Live, interactive reports (Discover visualizations) and dashboards (Present storyboards) can be loaded directly without needing to present the full application to the end user. Similar to the embed concept, direct load offers a URL driven approach to content access without the need for a hosting application or custom development.

Direct Launch

In some scenarios developers want end users to be able to author content with "lite" tools in the context of a hosting application, without users needing to enter through the main client experience. Direct Launch can be used to trigger this entry point for Smart Discover and Smart Present using nothing more than URLs.

Supporting Features

REST APIs are available to independently support the above capabilities, These cover: