LeafDescendants (PQL)

Returns all the descendant member elements of the specified member in a 'regular' hierarchy at the lowest level of the hierarchy.

  • Returned Output: List
  • Library: PQL \ Semantic \ Hierarchical
  • Version: 2020.00.000
  • Compatibility: Pyramid Query Language (PQL) data sources


LeafDescendants( <Member> )

* Click on the function's arguments above for more details on the input values.

  • The member needs to be the unique name of an existing member in a hierarchy in the model.
  • The function will not work on drill-path hierarchies.
  • For details on how to employ and use this function see the semantic calculation overview.
Different Function types
  • This function is like the MDX descendants function.
  • The function is can be useful for ragged hierarchies, when the last level is not a consistent setting for each member,


This example returns the member all the zip codes in the USA from the Geography hierarchy in the Customer dimension (assuming the hierarchy had 4 levels: Country, State, County, Zip Code)