Application Languages

The application supports: English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, and right to left for Hebrew and Arabic.

Default Language

The default language is set in the installer. Note that the installer does not support right to left languages although the application does.

The default language can later be changed from the App Experience tab in the Admin console.

Note that when the default language is changed, the change will not affect existing users.

Changing Language

Users can change the Interface language under the General tab on the home page menu - simply select the required language from the Application Language drop down menu.

Some items will not be translated, including:

  • Some error messages will always appear in English
  • The interactive tutorials
  • Video tutorials
  • Titles of content items

Some elements that are "hard" coded will also not change. This includes:

  • Data Models - which carry the language they were built in (Dimensions, hierarchies, member elements, and measures - with the exception of MS OLAP, Tabular, SAP HANA, and SAP BW; click here for details.)
  • Content Items - which are saved with the names given to them by users