Discover Runtime Settings

These settings determine which actions will be available when the discovery is opened in runtime. They are similar to the settings that can be set in Present.

Access the Runtime Settings Dialog

Open the Runtime Settings dialog from the Design ribbon.

Runtime Settings Dialog

You may select one of 3 presets, or you can manually enable and disable the required functions.

Full Selection: enables all runtime settings; you may disable required settings by deselecting their checkbox.

Light Selection: enables only drill, dice, quick sort, quick filter, pivot, and conversations; you can manually disable any of these or enable additional functions.

Nothing Selected: disables all runtime settings; you can enable required settings by selecting their check box.

Query Context Actions

Enable or disable runtime functions that affect the query context:

  • Drill-Up and Drill-Down: drill up or down to the next level of the hierarchy.
  • Expand and Collapse: expand lower levels of the hierarchy.
  • Dice, Add and Swap: drill across to another hierarchy, inject another hierarchy into the query, or replace a hierarchy wither a different one.
  • Drill to Level: drill to a specified level of the hierarchy.
  • Quick Sort: apply quick sorts from the context menu.
  • Quick Filter: apply quick filters from the context menu.
  • Member Selection: select a member to drill into it, expand it, dice, or focus or eliminate.
  • Pivot: switch the discovery's x- and y-axes.
  • Totals: add totals columns and rows to grids.
  • Actions: enable users to launch actions that have been configured for the discovery.
  • Show Empties: show empty data cells.
  • Quick Calc: design quick calculations on the fly and add them to the query.

Report Meta Actions

Enable or disable runtime functions that affect the report:

  • Copy Content: copy the raw data from the discovery.
  • Build New Alert: create automated alters based on a given value in the discovery.
  • Conversations: this feature enables users to start or participate in conversation threads based on the discovery.

Viewer Settings

Enable or disable functions for users with a viewer license:

  • Print or Export: allow viewer users to print or export the data discovery.