App Tab Home Menu

The App Tab Home Menu is found in the App Tab interface, when content is open. It exposes useful jump point buttons and quick functions that enable you to access content items, the admin console and various other components of the Pyramid application.

Click the home menu button (blue arrow above) in the lower left corner of the interface to open the Home menu (red highlight), and select from the following options:




Logs the user out of the Pyramid application.

Print All Open Items

Print or export all Discover and Present items currently opened. This is similar to the "Print Folder" option in the content manager.

Discovery Slide Show

View a slide show of all the currently open Discover items that are (including unsaved discoveries). This is similar to the "Slide Show" option in the content manager,

Save All Open Items

Save all items that are currently open. Items that have not yet be saved will be named according to the default name (i.e. Discovery 1) in to the users personal "My Content" folder.

Close All Open Items

Closes all items that are currently open.

Content Explorer

Jump to the Content Explorer.

Admin Console

Jump to Administration.


Jump to the Home.