Discover Lite

The Discover Lite tool provides a streamlined interface where users can quickly analyze data on the fly, ensuring that report-building is intuitive and straightforward. However, Discover Lite affords more functionality, flexibility, and complexity than the Smart Discover tool, retaining several advanced capabilities that are available in Discover Pro.

The Discover Lite tool is a good solution for users who want the flexibility to create complex queries, without delving into the full Discover Pro module.

Access Discover Lite

Access Discover Lite from the Pyramid homepage to view a selected data model and run queries against it. You can also open Discover Lite from presentations and via links.

Discover Lite Workspace

The Discover Lite workspace is streamlined for ease of use and navigability. It consists of the drop zones, where queries are built, ribbons that expose various useful features, and metadata trees that expose the data models hierarchies, elements, and measures.

Build Lite Discoveries

Build Lite Discoveries by adding the required hierarchies, elements, and measures to the drop zones, and selecting the data visualization. You can also interact with your visualization dynamically, to explore the data set in novel ways. This is a fluid process that encourages on-the-fly data analysis.

Tip: Depending on your licensing, you may be able to save yourself build time by using the NLQ Chatbot to build your visuals using plain English. For more information, see Natural Language interfaces.

Manage Lite Discoveries

When you're ready, manage your lite discoveries by saving them to your private content folder or to a shared content folder. You can also print and export your discoveries, and access and edit existing discoveries.