Access Discover Lite

Users have several ways to access Discover Lite. If the user belongs to a profile that is set to Discover Lite, launching Discover will automatically take them to the Discover Lite tool.

Users can also access Discover Lite from visuals in a presentation, or from visuals access via a link. This flexibility in accessing Discover Lite is designed to help users perform data analysis on-the-fly.

Access from Discover

If the user's Profile is set to Discover Lite, the Discover Lite tool will open when the user launches Discover (as opposed to taking the user to Discover Pro).

To launch Discover, click one of the Discover access points (green arrows below) from the homepage:

Alternatively, open the module menu and select Discover:

Next, select the required server, database, and data model. To learn more about opening data models in Discover, click here.

Access from Present

Launch the presentation in runtime, then right click on the relevant visual and select Analyze Further from the context menu. The visual will be opened in the Discover Lite tool, where you can perform further analysis on it.

Access from a Link

When a data discovery or presentation is opened via a link, you can select Analyze Further from the right click context menu of the visual. The discovery will be opened in Discover Lite.