Pyramid Models

Pyramid's Query, Analytics and Calculation engine, PYRANA, uses MDX to query MS OLAP and Tabular models, and SAP BW models. All other databases supported by Pyramid are queried using SQL. This latter category is typically used to create data models in Pyramid from the Model component, although it may also include external models like SAP HANA views.

Pyramid models are opened and queried using Discover Pro.

Open Pyramid Models

To open Pyramid (SQL) Models after launching Discover Pro, work through the panels on the New Discovery page:

  1. Find and select the relevant server.
    • You may use the search function (red arrow) to find the server, or refresh the list of servers (green arrow), or click the Add New Server button (blue arrow) to create a quick model.
  2. Click the required database from within the given server.
    • Use the search function (purple arrow) to find the required database, or click the Add New Database button (yellow arrow) to quick model to an existing server.
  3. Click the data model that you want to query.
    • Refresh the list of data models using the Refresh button (orange arrow), use the search function (pink arrow) to search for a specific model, and use the View buttons to view the data models as tiles, a list, or a tree (continue reading below).
  4. Open the data model.

Model Metadata Panel

The Model Metadata panel is the fourth panel, and reflects the metadata of the currently selected data model. It displays the model name, location, creation date, and description.

From here, you can:

  • Refresh the model's metadata.
  • Ask a question to launch the NLQ capabilities.
  • Open the model in Discover Pro.
  • Open the model in Smart Discover.
  • Add the model to your favorites list.


From the Model panel, you can select the required view type for the data models.

Tile View

The tile view displays the models as tiles featuring buttons allowing you to open the model in Discover Pro, Smart Discover, NLQ, or Auto Discovery. Toggle the start icon to add or remove the model from your favorites list.

Details View

View the models as a list, with columns displaying the creation date, last modified date, and Pyramid version on which the model was created.

Each column can be sorted and filtered. Hover over the column header to display the sort and filter buttons.

Toggle the arrows to sort the given column or click the filter icon to filter the column.

Tree View

Display the models in a tree view, which is useful if they are organized into subfolders.