From the Color sub-category of the Formatting panel, you can edit the color for the data points in the chart. If there is no hierarchy in the Color drop zone, and the chart does not contain a legend, the color selection will be applied to all members in the chart.

However, if there is a legend based on a hierarchy, you can change the color for selected members as required; this is known as series editing.

If there is a legend based on a measure, the color can only be changed from the Legend view.

The Color view features two tabs: Fill and Line. To change the fill color, open the Fill tab. You can change the line color and width from the Line tab.

  • Click here to learn about line styles and the Line tab.
  • Click here to learn about series editing.


The options in the fill tab allow you to change the fill type and fill color.

Fill Type
  • Solid: choose a single solid color.
  • Pattern: select a pattern and color.
  • Gradient: select a gradient; choose both the base color, and the end color, to define the range of the gradient

Shape Color

Simultaneously set the shape outline and fill color. Each of this can be individually overridden from Shapes.