Themes determine the color and formatting of all elements in the report. Pyramid ships with several out-of-the-box themes, and Admins can edit these themes and configure new ones from the Admin console.

Choose a report theme from the themes menu in the Design ribbon.

Users can override theme colors and formatting for the current data discovery by changing things like report background color, visualization background color, report title, axis labels, and via series editing.

In the example below, the theme "Red" was selected:

The report background color, visualization background color, and report title color were then changed.

Formatting preferences override not only the current theme, but any subsequently selected theme in the current discovery. For instance, in this example the theme was changed from "Red" to "Lazer," and the formatting changes were preserved. To discard formatting changes and revert to the default formatting, click Reset Formatting from the Discover Ribbons.