Custom Visuals

Custom visuals are build from Formulate and shared with other users. You can present your data in custom visuals that you have access to, and then apply formatting as required.

The formatting and design options that are exposed for custom visuals are as follows:

  • Axes: set formatting preferences for the primary and secondary y-axis, and the x-axis.
  • Trellis Axes: manage the axes of trellised charts.
  • BackgroundColor: change the color of the visual's background.
  • ChartBorderWidth: change the width of the visual's border.
  • ChartPadding: set the required padding.
  • DataPoints: turn on data points to indicate the intersection of data with values in the chart.
  • Data Point Size: adjust the size of data points.
  • ImageSize: adjust image size for image hierarchies.
  • Motion: adjust the speed for the motion axis.
  • Opacity: lower the opacity for visuals.
  • Scale to Fit: scale the visual down to fit the canvas.
  • Trellis: set the number of visuals per row for trellised charts.