Microsoft Models

Microsoft OLAP and Tabular models that have been added by the Admin can be directly queried from Discover; there is no need to build an ETL for Microsoft OLAP and Tabular models.

When opening a New Discovery, select the OLAP server from the Servers window, and select the relevant database as usual. In the Models window, select the relevant model, to directly query the cube in Discover. These models will be denoted by a cube icon , rather than the standard Pyramid data model icon .

Direct Querying

Pyramid directly query OLAP and Tabular models, eliminated the need to copy the data into Pyramid and configure the model. Pyramid uses MDX to natively query the cube, enabling support for a range of OLAP and Tabular functionality.

Direct querying saves users time on building data models in Pyramid, saves Pyramid resources that would otherwise be needed for scheduled reprocessing of data models, and ensures that your queries are based on the latest data.

Connect to OLAP and Tabular Models

To connect to OLAP and Tabular models, open a new discovery and select the required OLAP or Tabular server. Then select the required database and data model. As usual, the information panel on the right displays metadata and querying options for the given data model. However, you will see an additional option here called "Choose Language" (red highlight below); you can choose a language that has been set in the cube to translate dimensions, members, and measures into that language. You can also set the language after opening the data model - click here to learn more.


MS Tabular