Query Functions

The various query functions in Discover allow the user to change the way a query resolves a data set result (and its related visualization). Query functions, are very similar to query interactions - but usually involve dialogs with more options and finer grain control over how the functions will operate. (Many query interaction functions are delivered as the 'quick' version of these features instead.) Separately, advanced analytical techniques are separately accessed via the Query ribbon - offering tools like regression analysis and forecasting.


  • Pivot - this is a mechanism to rotate selections between drop zones in your query design.
  • Show and Hide Empties - this is a mechanism to hide or show empty cells in a result set.
  • Totals - this is a mechanism to add various types of totaling to your (grid) report.
  • Sorts - this is a mechanism to add value sorting to the query.
  • Filters - this is a mechanism to add numeric data filters to the query.
  • Eliminations - this is a mechanism to manage elements and combinations of elements that have been removed from the query.
  • N-of-N - this is a mechanism to provide iterative 'loop in a loop' logic to the query.

Other Related Functions

The following wizards -found on the Query tab - are heavily used with building functional changes to a query. (They technically create calculations in the application.)

  • Variable Lists - this is a wizard to build switchable selections into a query.
  • Time Calculations - this is a wizard to add specialized time based calculations to your date-time hierarchies for time based analysis.