Alternative Captions

When working with MS OLAP or SAP BW cubes and data models, you can use cube-defined hidden hierarchy properties as alternative captions for elements in the hierarchy - affecting the way they appear in teh application, in visualizations and in slicers. This is particularly useful when working with BW databases, as you can replace the column IDs with the property descriptions, helping you interpret your data easily. In this case, the visualization will display the property descriptions, rather than the column ID's.

  • The same hidden hierarchy properties can be used almost like normal hierarchy attributes for querying. Click here for more.

Captions in the Element Tree vs Drop Zone

If the captions are changed in the element trees, the change affects the element trees only. If the customized hierarchy is then used in a query, the change is carried through. If the captions are changed on hierarchy selections (blue chips) in drop zones directly, the change is only applied in the query. The element tree's will retain their original settings.

Technical Names for SAP BW

SAP BW uses technical names for all items under the covers. Like alternative captions, users can elect to switch to these alternative naming standards. Click here for more.

How to Change Captions

Step 1

Add the required hierarchy to the drop zones. Right click on the hierarchy from the drop zone and go to ‘Change Caption’ in the chip’s context menu.

Step 2

Select the required property from the sub-menu. The captions in the query will be replaced by the given property captions.

Step 3

To revert to the default captions, go back to the ‘Change Caption’ sub-menu and click ‘Reset Caption'.