Interaction Picker

Interactions are the method used to enable filtering and highlighting between presentation assets. For example, filtering visuals by a slicer selection, or cross-filtering visuals by a selected data point.

The Interaction Picker is used to show and manage interactions from a given content item. It differs from the Show Interactions tool, which shows all interactions on the slide. The Interaction Picker only shows interactions to or from the selected visual only, so that you can easily focus on a specified item. The Interaction Picker is accessed from the canvas menu (red arrow below).

Enable the Interaction Picker

To use the Interaction Picker, enable it by clicking on it. You can then click on a content item to show its interactions, or add new interactions. .

Edit and Delete Interactions

Click on a content item to show its interactions; the given item will be highlighted, and any connections to or from it will be shown.

Edit interactions by right clicking to open the context menu; you can delete the interaction or click Edit to edit it via the Interaction Manger.

Add Interactions

You can also add new interactions by clicking and dragging from the relevant content item to another one.