Present Lite Actions Menu

The Present Lite actions menu is located on the right hand side of the UI, next to the canvas. It exposes a number of key functions to assist you in building your presentation. These functions include the ability to add content items to the presentation, create slicers, add text, and even build data discoveries on the fly.

Actions Menu

Smart Reporting: select this option to open Smart Present, where you can build data visualizations on the fly, and automatically add them to your current presentation.

DiscoverLite: build data discoveries in Discover Lite.

Content: open the content tree to add existing content items to your presentation.

Add New Slicer: build a new slicer on the fly and add it to your presentation.

Add Text Field: add dynamic text fields, such as the slide number, date, or table of contents. This can help you add context to your presentation, and as text fields are dynamic, there's no need for you to manually update the information.

Import Images: import saved images to your presentation. This can help you add the appropriate branding.

Add Text: add static text to your presentation.

Shapes: add shapes to your presentation; choose from several shape presets, and then set the border and fill color as required.