Add Text Fields

Use the Add Text Field feature to add dynamic text fields to presentations, which provide context and insight about the presentation, who created it, and when.

  • Text fields should be added to the content template if you want them to appear on every slide
  • Text fields are located in the Presentation ribbon - click the drop down menu to select the required field(s) and then position them as required
  • Change text field fonts from the Text ribbon, ensuring that the relevant text field is selected
  • When moving from the content template to the content slides, the text field tags will appear on each slide (e.g. #SlideName)
  • When the presentation is launched into runtime, the text fields will appear on each slide (e.g. Slide 1, Slide 2, etc)

Text Field Types

Access the text fields from the Add Text Field button (green arrow below). The available text fields are:

  • Slide Insights: adds AI-driven slide-wide insights to a paragraph of text dynamically, based on the slide content.
  • Current Date: today's date.
  • Create Date: the date on which the presentation was created.
  • Modified Date: the date the presentation was last modified.
  • Model Processed Date: the last date on which the given data model was processed.
  • Created By: the name of the user who created the presentation.
  • Modified By: the user who last modified the presentation.
  • Presentation Title: the title that the presentation was saved with.
  • Description: the description that was added to the presentation when it was saved.
  • Table of Contents: adds a table of contents to the slide (see below for details)
  • Slide Number: the number of the slide.
  • Total Slides: the total number of slides in the presentation.
  • Slide Name: the name of the slide.

Slide Insights

Slide insights provide an AI-automated analysis of a given slide and dynamically generate output that is returned in natural language. Click here for more about what they are and how to configure them.

Table of Contents

  • The table of contents consists of all the sections and slides in the presentation.
  • It can be added to any slide, including the cover template.
  • If you want the table of contents to appear on every slide, add it to the Content template.
  • When the presentation is viewed in run time, click a slide from the table of contents to go directly to that slide.