'Interactions' are necessary to enable filtering of presentations in runtime via slicers and cross-visual interactions. For instance, if a country slicer is added to the slide, and you want to select a country from the slicer in order to filter the visualizations by the selected country, an interaction between the slicer and the visualizations is required.

Pyramid automatically adds interactions between content items in Present Lite. You can show interactions in order to add more interactions or delete existing interactions.

Edit Interactions

Show Interactions

To show interactions, click the Interactions button from the design menu.

All interactions on the current slide will be shown. Interactions from slicers are shown as orange arrows, while cross-visual interactions are shown as blue arrows.

To hide interactions, click the Interactions button.

When the presentation is launched in runtime, a slicer selection will filter in content items that have an interaction from that slicer. Cross-visual interactions can be used to filter or cross highlight visualizations.

Add Interactions

To add an interaction, left click and drag from the relevant content item, to the item that should be filtered. While dragging the interaction, it will appear in green:

Delete Interactions

To delete an interaction, right click on it and click 'Delete Interaction'.

Cross-Model Interactions

You can add content items from different data sources, and even add interactions between content items from different datasources. This is referred to as 'cross-model interactions'.

Cross-model interactions only support interactions between models containing the same structure. If you add interactions between items from data models that contain different structures (i.e., different data types, formatting, hierarchies, etc), the interactions will fail at runtime.