Pro Apps

The "Pro" full client in Pyramid is made up of several modules, with each designed to address a specific business or functional need.

  • Click here for a broad explanation of how the apps work together.

App Interface

Once one or more apps are launched (either with new or existing content), the interface switches to a tabbed interface called the "App Tab" mode. Within this mode, each app is shown as a tab for the relevant content item. In this way, multiple instances of a given app can be launched simultaneously.

All of the 7 apps in the Pro user interface share a common layout and design structure within each tab. Click here for more on the interface.


  • Model: the app for preparing and conditioning data and then modeling it so it can be easily queried.
  • Discover: build visualizations and find out what's in your data models.
  • Formulate: configure sophisticated business logic (calculations, lists, scripts, and more) using visual tools.
  • Present: design rich, interactive dashboards and BI applications
  • Publish: author printable, highly formatted documents composed of analytic content, infographics and data driven text
  • Illustrate: create data driven images (infographics) and text
  • Tabulate: design and build business models and decision models using a spreadsheet interface