Access Publish Lite

There are a few ways to access Present Lite depending on whether you want to create a new Publication or open an existing one. There are also shortcuts for both options if you already have a module open.

Launch a New Publication

You can launch a new Lite Publication from the home page, or by opening a new tab.

Home Page

If you want to launch a new Publication from the Pyramid homepage, simply click the Present icon from the module menu on the lower left-hand side of the interface:

New Tab

If you want to launch a new Publication while you have a module open, click the New Tab button (designated by the + icon) and select Pub from the module menu:

New Publication

When you open Publish Lite, you will be presented with the New Publication page; select the required resolution and layout type:

Once you've chosen a layout type, the Publication editor will be opened, and you can begin building your lite Publication: