Grouping allows users to group objects together so that they can be moved or formatted together. The grouped items can then be rotated, moved, and resized together.

Note: resizing a textbox will not affect the text contained within it.


To group items:

  1. Select the elements to group.
  2. Right-click and select Group > Group.

The elements are now grouped.

Edit Group

To change the attributes of an item in the group:

  1. Double click on the item in the group.

Even though the items are grouped, there are some functions that can be performed on the individual elements.

The individual elements can be resized by clicking on the item, then using the grab handles to manually resize the element.

Additionally, the element can be rotated by grabbing the rotation icon on the grouped element.


To ungroup the elements:

  1. Select the group to ungroup.
  2. Right-click and select Group > Ungroup.

The group is now ungrouped.