Bulletin Board Distribution

Distribute your publication to the bulletin board and grant security role or user access to scheduled reports via Pyramid. This option is a good choice if you want to share publications with Pyramid users, via the Pyramid application, and have no need to provide the report to non-Pyramid users.

Publications may be distributed to the bulletin board using a static or dynamic list of either roles or users.

Configure the Distribution

From the Schedule panel, open the Distribution window and select the Bulletin Board tab.

Bulletin Board is Off

Select this option to disable bulletin board distribution for the current schedule.

Use Static List

Choose this option to distribute the publication to a static list of roles or users. If sharing with roles, check the relevant user roles from the list.

If sharing with users, type or paste the relevant user names into the Text Editor, separated by a semicolon.

Use Dynamic List

This option is exposed if the publication contains a slicer. Select this option to import a list of roles or users, and dynamically distribute the publication to recipients according to given slicer elements.


When configuring a dynamic list, the publication's slicers will appear here; select the slicer whose member elements should be used to render the publication for each role or user.

Mapping Method

The mapping method determines the mechanism by which the publication will be dynamically distributed:

File Mapping: choose this option to upload a distribution list.

Data Mapping: choose this option to distribute according to a dynamic expression.

Access Publications via the Bulletin Board

Publications that are published to the bulletin board can be accessed in a few ways:

Welcome Screen

When the job has run, roles assigned to the publication will see a notification alert on the Bulletin Board icon on the home page.


If the welcome screen has been disabled, unread publications will be displayed on the homepage, and can be accessed from there.

Click the icon to go to the Bulletin Board, and then select Today's Unread Publications, or select the Publications Feed icon.

Publications Feed

From the Publications Feed, check the relevant publication, and select an action: Download, Mark as Read, Flag, or Delete.

Click the publication to open its Job Executions summary, from which the job can be rerun. Click the expand button (plus sign), to download the item, or open its Print and Export summary.

Content Explorer

Alternatively, view the publications schedule for a specified publications from the Content Explorer. Open the item's Actions Panel and click the Schedule icon.

A list of schedules will be displayed, and you can configure a new schedule by clicking the Add Schedule icon. Again, click the item to open its Job Executions summary.