Email Distribution

Email distribution allows you to share publications with the recipient by sending the presentation directly to their inbox, whether they're Pyramid users or not. Email distribution supports both static and dynamic distribution of publications. The recipients receive an email notifying them that the scheduled publication has run. If you have the Extended Report Bursting license, you may also send the publication as an attachment; otherwise, they'll receive a link to the publication in Pyramid.

Note: The emailing option is not operational unless messaging services have been enabled in the admin console first.

Note: Sending as an attachment is available only with the Extended Report Bursting License.


Publications may be distributed to the bulletin board or via email using a static or dynamic list of either roles or users. Distribution to the bulletin board is a good way to share publications with colleagues who have access to Pyramid. Email distribution enables you to reach users who don't have access to Pyramid.

Email Distribution is Off

Select this option to disable email distribution for the current schedule.

Use Static List

Choose this option to distribute the publication to a static list of roles or users. If sharing with roles, check the relevant user roles from the list.

If sharing with users, type or paste the relevant user names into the Text Editor, separated by a semicolon.

Use Dynamic List

This option is exposed if the publication contains a slicer. Select this option to import a list of roles or users, and dynamically distribute the publication to recipients according to given slicer elements.

Select File Mapping to import a list of email addresses:

Select Data Mapping to build a PQL expression based on an email hierarchy: