Importing Data and Content

Tabulate can import data from live queries using existing queries in the content folders, or by creating new queries using Smart Reporting or

Discover Lite. This is separate from importing a stand alone Excel workbook into Tabulate - to recreate the Excel spreadsheet.

Content Sources

Existing Content

The Content folders at the left of the Tabulate workspace contain Tabulations that have previously been created. To use these, drag and drop them into a blank Tabulate worksheet and run the query.

The worksheet will display the up-to-date data retrieved by the query.

Smart Reporting

Click on the Smart Reporting icon and use the Smart Reporting Wizard to create a report. This can then be used within Tabulate.

Discover Lite

Click on the Discover Lite icon to create a Discovery. You can then use the data retrieved in a Tabulation.

When in Tabulate, you can view the source of a cell by clicking in it and viewing the content in the box above the worksheet, as shown in the following two examples:

The cells in the first row are Measures and are Members of the SampleDemo data source.

The other cells contain Data from the SampleDemo data source.

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