Parameters are an advanced feature that allows users to build lists of items that can be used to drive other calculations or logic. By using a parameter, the designer can make a visual element pop-up in the UI of the application, allowing the consumer to make a runtime selection, which in turn will change the logic or behavior of a calculation or report.

Parameters can be either:

  • 'static' - hard coded items simply typed into the system. This includes text or numbers.
  • 'dynamic' - derived values from data models found in the system. This is usually a list of hierarchy elements or members.

Within Tabulate, you have two types of Parameters:

  • Global: these may be used across different data models. Global parameters can only be "static".
  • Internal: these are used only within Tabulate.

Working with Parameters

You control Parameters and their use via the Query Tools area of the Advanced Setting ribbon:

  • Global Parameter: Use this to manage Global Parameters.
  • Attach/Detach Parameters: Use this to attach or detach Parameters from the Tabulation.
  • Internal Parameters: Use this to manage Parameters that are only for use in Tabulate.

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