Mobile Devices

The Pyramid mobile app gives you the flexibility to access your data on the go. With the native mobile app optimized for both tablet and mobile/ cell use, it provides you access to your analytics wherever you go. The mobile clients work on both Android and iOS smart phones and tablets.

Download the App

The following steps are required to download and install the mobile app for Pyramid.

Search for the Pyramid application on Apple ITunes or Google Play Store searching for “Pyramid”. Download the application and install it.

Note: Do not confuse the Pyramid app with the "BI Office" App.

Initial Mobile Log In

  • The first time the application starts up, you will be prompted to enter the following items:
    • The web URL address for your Pyramid installation
    • Your user name and password,
      • If you're using an Active Directory account, your user name should be in the format domain\username
  • Tap on the “Login” button to sign into the Pyramid application.

Once you have logged in the first interface will be your “Recent Items” list. From here, you can navigate to other parts of the application to start browsing and using your analytic content.

Subsequent Log Ins

Depending on your organization’s security policies, the next log in may change as follows:

  • No log-in: If allowed, your user name and password may be stored on the device (like your email). So you will not need to log in again.
  • Partial log-in: some organizations will allow you to store your user name only. As such, you will need to at least supply your password.
  • Full log-in: other organizations will not allow any credentials to be stored on the device. As such, you will need to provide both a user name and password.

Mobile Administration

Please refer to the Mobile App Administration guide for information about deployment considerations, mobile administrative setup, the mobile login process (including two factor authentication and blocking lost devices), and the mobile security flow.

  • For details about mobile device settings in the Admin console, click here.