The Pyramid mobile app provides full functionality on your tablet, enabling you to both view and create content on the go. You'll have access to all the Pyramid modules: Model, Discover, Formulate, Tabulate, Present, Publish, and Illustrate. You'll have all the tools you need to access, build, and interact with your analytic content wherever your tablet goes with you.

Pyramid for Tablet

Pyramid's native app for mobile devices offers full functionality on your tablet. As with the desktop and web applications, you can build and schedule data models, create data discoveries, formulate business logic, design dynamic texts and images, and author presentations and publications.

This section of the help reviews the features and menus that function differently than they do in the web or desktop app.

Getting Started

Start by searching for "Pyramid" in Apple ITunes or Google Play Store; download and install the app. On your initial login, you be prompted to provide the URL address of your Pyramid installation, and your username and password.

Click here to learn more about logging in to the app.

Mobile Administration

Admins can manage mobile devices and device settings from the Admin console. Click here to learn more.