Pro User

Users with a Pro license have access to the full 'pro' client experience, where they can author, build and view data models, queries, formulas, and more.

  • Users with the Analyst license access to the "Analyst Client" and should refer to the Analyst Help.
  • Users with the Viewer license access to the "Viewer Client" and should refer to the Viewer Help.
  • Both the pro, analyst and viewer clients work - as is - on tablets devices.
  • A simplified viewer experience (for pros, analysts and viewers) is available separately on mobile phones.

This section of the help cover the key elements of the Pro User client apps and interface:

  • Workflow Overview, the general application workflow and how the apps fit together.
  • Workspace: the key elements of the Pro application interface
    • Home Page : the main landing page when entering the Pro Client
    • Bulletin Board: a viewer of all model batch jobs, including a publication and alert inbox as well as the conversation thread viewer
    • App Tabs: the main interface when using the different apps, after they have been launched
  • Content Management System (CMS): the centralized framework organizing, managing and sharing of content
  • Pro App Modules covers in-depth help on each part of the Pro application:
    • Model: the app for conditioning data and then modeling it so it can be easily queried. This includes the best place to inject machine learning and data mining routines into your analytics.
    • Discover: build visualizations and find out what's in your data models.
    • Formulate: configure sophisticated business logic (calculations, lists, scripts, and more) using visual tools.
    • Present: design rich, interactive dashboards and BI applications
    • Publish: author printable, highly formatted documents composed of analytic content, infographics and data driven text
    • Illustrate: create data driven images (infographics) and text
    • Tabulate: design and build business models and decision models using a spreadsheet interface