Embed Code Examples

The Embed Code dialog generates embed snippets that you can then copy into your script editor. The embed code dialog generates code snippets in JavaScript, React, Angular, and Raw JavaScript.

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Access the Embed Code Dialog

The Embed Code dialog is opened directly from the item being embedded; it can be opened from the content items Actions Panel or App tab menu.

First, the user should select the required language: JavaScript, React, Angular, or Raw JavaScript (blue highlight below).

Instructions will be displayed above each code snippet in the code window (red highlight below). These instructions indicate any steps you need to take before running the embed snippet. When using JavaScript (without full HTML), React, or Angular, you must install the NPM embed API in your development project prior to running the embed snippet.

  • Click here to learn how to install the embed API.

Note: The tabs, options, and buttons seen in the preceding image are described in full in the topic Embed Snippet Generator.

Code Snippets

Embed Multiple Items

If embedding multiple items on the same page, the embed script must be adjusted accordingly, to include multiple embed containers and content id's.