Pyramid offers dozens of visualizations to choose from, depending on the way in which you want to present your data. The process of choosing a visual is very straightforward in Smart Discover; simply choose the required visual from the Visualization Picker.

To learn about each of the visualizations available, follow the links below.


Grids are used to present data in rows and/ or columns. You can choose from 2 grid types:

Cartesian Charts

Cartesian_Charts are charts that plot data across 2 axes (a y-a and an x-axis), which meet. These include:

Segment Charts

Segment_Charts display each element of the given hierarchy as a different segment of the chart, with each element represented as a proportion of the whole based on its value.

Multi-Variable Charts

Plotted_Charts plot 2 hierarchies across Cartesian coordinates. They are useful in finding correlations in the data set.

Advanced Charts


Gauges are used to create KPI visuals on the fly, allowing you to define status, target, and actual value.


Maps plot data geographically, and are an excellent way to visualize the spread of data across geographical locations: