Jump To URL

You can build actions by writing a PQL expression made up of a specified URL and PQL function(s) (either Jump functions or Common functions). You can incorporate the Generative PQL Function into your statement to have results returned by the underlying LLM.

When the action is selected the dynamic expression is used to load the URL. Depending in the way you've configured the action, the URL will be opened in a new tab, in a pop up, or in the current tab.

To learn how to work through the Actions Wizard, click here. For details and examples about Jump to URL actions, continue reading below.


  • The URL must be placed within inverted commas " ".
  • Drag and drop the required functions from the Functions panel onto the text editor.
  • Place a plus sign + between the URL and the function, with a space before and after the plus sign.
  • Before saving the action, test the dynamic function by clicking the Validate button. Then click Apply to save the action.


This example uses the following grid:

A new action called Wiki Captions was built, which calls the Wikipedia side, and uses the Captions function to inject captions from the query into the URL.

The trigger element is Cells, so the captions for the selected data point will be injected. In this example, a single country caption will be injected.

The syntax for the function is:

"https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/" + Captions()

After the action is configured, it appears under Actions when the context menu is opened from a data cell:

When the action is clicked on from the context menu, the URL and caption is loaded:


More Resources

For comprehensive documentation of the relevant PQL functions, including detailed examples, review the Jump functions and the Common functions.