Common Design Capabilities

The following formatting and design options are common to all or most visualizations:

  • Axes: set formatting preferences for the primary and secondary y-axis, and the x-axis.
  • Image Size: change the image size for URL hierarchies added to visualizations and tooltips. Applies to all visualizations, excluding maps.
  • Legend: edit the legend font, borders, and background color. Applies to all visualizations.
    • : customize the color and font for a specified series in the chart and its legend.
  • Multi Chart Titles: edit titles for trellised charts. Applies to all charts (excluding maps).
  • Opacity: reduce the opacity of charts. Applies to all chart visualizations.
  • Optimize Visual: enable or disable certain features based on the size of the visual
  • Scale to Fit: scale down a grid or trellised charts to fit the canvas. Applies to all visualizations, excluding maps and raw results.
  • Split Visuals: display the query's underlying data in a raw results grid alongside the visualization that you've built.