Formatting and Design

Pyramid offers a variety of functions aimed at customizing the formatting and design of reports and visualizations. These functions are designed to meet a range of formatting and design requirements.

Report Design

Pyramid offers users tremendous flexibility around formatting and designing of reports. This includes the ability to select themes, which drive the report's colors, as well as options to customize the report background color, title, and runtime settings (which govern which interactive capabilities are exposed to other users when viewing the report).

Visualization Design

Pyramid offers dozens of visualizations, the formatting and design of which are highly customizable. This includes a range of functions that are common to all visualizations, as well as many functions that are enabled for specific visualizations only.

While report formatting and design determines visual elements of the report as a whole, visualization formatting and design options drive visual components in the actual visualization. For instance, changing the report background color changes the color of canvas; however, changing the visualization background is used to change the background color for charts, without affecting the canvas color.