Radar Chart Formatting

The formatting functions for radar charts let you customize the look and feel of the chart. Using a combination of formatting functions, users have a lot of control over how the chart will look, and what information the reader's attention should be drawn to.

Formatting can be set from the following Formatting panel selections:

  • Radar Line Chart: customize the background color and scale.
  • Report Title: customize the report title.
  • X-Axis: customize the x-axis labels, title, line, and size.
  • Y-Axis: customize the x-axis labels, title, line, and size.
  • Data Labels: show or hide data labels, and customize data label fonts, colors, formats, and more.
  • Plot Area: customize the plot area by changing the color, adding borders, and changing the axes.
  • Legend: edit the report legend by changing its position, layout, and fonts.
  • Shapes: change the shape of the data point.
  • Color: customize the color and font for a given legend item and the analogous data point.
  • Y-Trellis Axis/ X-Trellis Axis: show or hide trellis labels for each chart, and edit the font for trellis labels.
  • Multi Chart Title: show the relevant title for each trellised chart.