Query Options

The Query Options, found on the Query ribbon in Discover Pro, allow users to make subtle adjustments to how the query engine works throughout the application. These settings are applied each time a query is executed per report.

  • Query Settings: A variety of settings that drive the way queries operate, includes:
    • Cache options - Whether the query results are returned from the cache or the query is run every time.
    • Row limit - The maximum number of rows to return in the query results.
    • Optimization settings - The settings that modulate query construction. Note: Depending on your data source, this may include total settings, sub-querying, and so on.
  • Choose Language: The language that the model metadata and query results should be presented in, irrespective of the application's current language.
  • Model Colors and Formats: Whether model-defined data colors and value formats are returned in queries and drawn in the visualized results.

Note: The preceding options are only enabled on the user interface if they are valid for selection given your current data source. For more information, see Available Options (below).

Available Options

The available options differ by data source:

  • Query Settings:
    • Cache options: Available on all data sources.
    • Row Limit: Available on all data sources.
    • Optimization Settings: Available on Microsoft Multidimensional and Tabular and SAP BW. Note: Which sub-options are available depends on your data source.
  • Choose Language: Available on Microsoft Multidimensional and Tabular, SAP BW, and Pyramid models where translation is supported.
  • Model Colors and Formats: Only available on Microsoft Multidimensional and Tabular.

Default Query Options

Set the default query options using the user defaults capability in the admin console, the user's personal default settings, or both.