Conditional Color Examples

When adding a measure to the Color drop zone, you may specify the logic which should be used to drive the conditional color formatting in the visualization. For example, if the color component displays profit, you may want to select the Positive Negative color logic, to see at a glance where a profit or loss was made. On the other hand, if you're measuring sales growth, you might select Linear.

Sub-Drop Zone Logic

To open the Color Logic menu and select color logic for charts:

  1. Add the measure to the Color zone.
  2. Either drag the measure up over the Color zone header, or click the Color zones small triangle (next to the ellipses) to expand the Sub Drop Zone Color Logic menu.
  3. Drop the measure chip onto the required logic type for the given measure target.

When working with grids, start by selecting which grid component should be driven by the color logic:

  • Background: drives the color of the data cells.
  • Foreground: drives the color of the text in the data cells.
  • Indicator: drives the color of the indicator.

Examples of Logic