IBCS Charts

IBCS (International Business Communication Standards) provide practical proposals for the design of business communication. These standards are applied particularly in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). Most commonly, IBCS are applied to the design of charts and tables.

Business communication meets IBCS Standards if it relays content clearly through the following three methods:

  • Conceptually, with a storyline

  • Perceptually, with an appropriate visual design

  • Semantically, with a uniform (IBCS) notation

IBCS Notation

IBCS Notation is the semantic rule set suggested by IBCS. IBCS Notation covers the unification of terminology (e.g. words, abbreviations, and number formats), descriptions (e.g. messages, titles, legends, and labels), dimensions (e.g. measures, scenarios, and time periods), analyses (e.g. scenario analyses and time series analyses), and indicators (e.g. highlighting indicators and scaling indicators).

IBCS Charts in Pyramid

Pyramid offers the option to display data in IBCS format with the following charts: