IBCS-Like Column Chart

IBCS-like area charts in Pyramid compare two measures, and show only upward and downward differences between their values. You can change the color corresponding to each in the Formatting panel. Values are displayed on the chart, with the final difference on the right hand side. Additionally, you can hover over sections of the chart to display specific values at that point, and the value of the difference.

Using IBCS logic

Because IBCS-like charts compare the difference between values of two measures, you must add a second measure to the Values panel. Once you have two measures in Values, click on the button corresponding to the IBCS chart type you want. The second measure is moved to a separate panel, called Additional Values:

See the Column Chart page for more information on creating a Column chart:

The above chart shows costs for a period of several months, comparing them with the operating budget, which is represented by the gray bars. The cost fluctuates, in some months being greater than the budget, as represented by the red areas on the chart - the green areas represent months when cost was less than budget, The final date point on the chart also displays the % amount by which the cost is less than the budget (orange arrow). Hover over any point on the chart to display the actual cost, the budget, and the difference (delta) between them.

Note: To display the difference between the measures correctly, you must use the "IBCS" theme. This is available from the Themes on the Design tab.


The Formatting panel for IBCS-like area charts includes an IBCS tab to assist in chart formatting:


With this tab (green arrow) selected, you can:

  1. Change the colors used to display Upwards and Downwards differences (red).
  2. Choose whether to display a difference arrow, and select the formatting for it (yellow).